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Codebehind Files

Helix uses codebehind files to provide functions that are ready to be called on the server once a page has loaded in the browser.  A codebehind file is simply a collection of functions that are specific to a single page in a Helix application.  Codebehind files are optional and will be loaded by Helix if they exist in the page folder.

Creating Codebehind Files

If you need to use codebehind functions for a page in your application, add a file in the page folder with the same name as the page, but with a ".cb.php" extension.  For example, you can add a codebehind file for a page named test-page by creating a file named test-page.cb.php in the test-page folder.  Once the codebehind file exists in the page folder, it will be automatically loaded by Helix when that page is requested.

Using Codebehind Files

Codebehind functions for a page are loaded every time the page is requested, every time an AJAX call is made from the browser where the page is loaded, and every time a function argument is called using the "f" parameter in a request.  The codebehind file should only contain a list of functions that are specific to the page.

See the code below for an example of how to define a function in a codebehind file and use it in several different ways:

// This is a function in the test-page.cb.php file
function test_function()
"This is a function in the codebehind file for test-page";

The following code shows how to call a codebehind function from within the markup file.

// This is the code in the markup file, test-page.php
    // When this markup file is loaded, all of the functions
    // in the codebehind file, test-page.cb.php, are also loaded
echo "About to call a function in the codebehind file:";
// This function was defined in the codebehind file
echo test_function();

The following code shows how to call a codebehind function on the server when a button is clicked in the browser.

// Codebehind functions can also be called via AJAX in
    // event handlers in the browser
    // For example, you can set the "onclick" event for an
    // HTML button element to call a codebehind function on
    // the server, and load the response in another element
    // on the page
$button = new button("Click Me");
$button->onclick ajax("test_function","response_element");
"Response from test_function() will appear here";
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