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Email Support

Sending emails in a Helix application is handled by the mail class.  To send an email from your application, you simply construct a new mail object, set the recipients, write the message, optionally add attachments and send the email.

See the code below for an example of how to send email from a Helix application:

// Construct a new mail object
$mail = new mail();
// Set the sender and recipients
$mail->from "me@me.com";
$mail->to = array("you@you.com","somebody@somebody.com");
// Write the message (and use HTML in the message)
$mail->message "Check out this picture of <em>my new dog</em>!";
$mail->html true;
// Add an attachment
$mail->attach(SITES "mysites/resources/images/my-new-dog.jpg");
// Send the email
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