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Learning Helix

The quickest way to learn how to use Helix is to spend some time reading through the topics on the left menu.

After reading the topics, you should be able to:

  • Install the Helix PHP Framework
  • Add some pages to your site
  • Use the built-in Helix objects
  • Write some code-behind functions
  • And much, much more!

In This Section

  • Folder Structure - An explanation of the folder structure of the Helix PHP Framework
  • URL Structure - Learn how URLs are analyzed by the Helix parser
  • The Parser - Request Handling - The logic that decides what to do with each request
  • Global Variables - These are available everywhere throughout a Helix application
  • The Session Object - A global object to persist session state information
  • AJAX Support - Building AJAX functionality into a Helix application is simple and straight-forward
  • Public Property Accessors - Helix makes get/set accessors available in the same way as other programming languages
  • Class Auto-Loader - Learn how classes are automatically loaded when first used in a Helix application
  • Code Generator - Classes that generate object-relational mappings for a Helix application database
  • Codebehind Files - How to call server-side functions and event handlers
  • Global Configuration - A description of the available configuration settings
  • Database Design - Learn how the Helix database is designed and customized
  • Email Support - Examples of sending email with your Helix application
  • Javascript With ExtJS - A description of how ExtJS is integrated with Helix
  • Using Forms - Use built-in Helix objects to render smart forms on your Helix application pages
  • Magic Types - This incredibly powerful concept provides a simple way to access objects related at the database level in many ways
  • Creating Markup - Use built-in Helix interface classes to write dynamic markup and built complex user controls
  • Images, Stylesheets and Javascript - Embed PHP logic in your stylesheets and scripts, and handle image requests within the Helix framework
  • Security, Roles and Permissions - Learn how the Helix security model is integrated with your application
  • Layout Structure - A description of the layouts and markup rendered by the Helix page class
  • User Accounts - Work with user accounts across sessions and page components
  • Using Objects - A description of the multitude of built-in Helix objects
  • Util Functions - Globally available functions within a Helix application
  • Form Input Validation - Tools for validating and filtering form inputs
  • Video Player - A built-in Helix object for placing video players in a Helix application
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