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Quick Start

Assuming your website is called http://www.example.com and you have completed the Helix Installation, follow the steps below to make a new page and experience a bit of the power of Helix.

Make A New Page

Adding a page to a Helix site is as easy as creating a new folder and a new file in the Helix pages folder for your site.  Your site folder will have been created during the Helix Installation.

Let's say you decided to name your site folder mysite.  Just open the mysite/interface/pages folder and make a folder named my-new-page with a PHP file in it with the same name, my-new-page.php.  Your folders should ending up looking like this:


Add Some Code

The my-new-page.php file is called the markup file.  You can put plain HTML, PHP, or a combination of both in this file, but don't worry about adding HTML tags like <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>, etc... those tags are already output by Helix.  This file should only contain what you want to appear between the <body> ... </body> tags.  Open my-new-page.php and add the code below.

echo "This is my first Helix page!  I am viewing it at: " timestamp();

View The New Page

You can see the new page at http://www.example.com/helix/sites/mysite/my-new-page (replace www.example.com with localhost if you are testing on your personal computer).

The timestamp() function is a global Helix function that returns a formatted datetime string.  You can learn about other global Helix functions by viewing the documentation.

Additional Information

After making your first page, you now have the general idea of how to get a site up and running with Helix.  Most of your time will be spent editing the markup files for your pages, but there is so much more you can do with Helix.

Your site is already connected to a very powerful back-end database, hundreds of objects and a multitude of functions to speed up your development.  You can get a feel for everything Helix has to offer by viewing the documentation.

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