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What Is Helix?

Helix is an open-source PHP Framework that can be used by anyone to build powerful web applications.  It comes with hundreds of database-backed objects, a flexible customization system and tons of classes to enable rapid application development.

Helix takes advantage of its robust database design protocol and a smart code generator to automate the process of designing classes.  The classes written by the code generator have properties and methods to access other classes that they are related to at the database level.  This intelligent object-relational mapping speeds up applications because it is handled at design-time, as oppose to the ActiveRecord pattern that maps objects to tables at run-time.

The Data Solution

One of the biggest problems with modern web application development is that databases are poorly designed, poorly maintained and easily corruptable.  Helix solves this problem by providing a database that is designed to prevent data corruption while allowing data customization.  With Helix there are no duplicate records in the database or other data problems. It just works.

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